100-days Challenge

A few years ago, Oprah began a craze by getting her fans to keep gratitude journals (I never watched Oprah, but heard about this in the office).  Then there was the Gratitude Challenge – a 21-day online version of a gratitude journal that encourages people to “take note of the brighter side of life”.   Now it seems like #100happydays is the latest thing popping up in social media.  This one is a 100-day challenge where you make note of one thing that made you happy that day.

It’s been suggested to me before, by a close friend, that I try keeping a gratitude journal as a means of becoming a more positive person and trying to have a brighter outlook on life.  Up until now, I have never actually given this much thought, but after seeing what positive thinking did during our emigration process, there’s really no harm in trying.

I’m often affected by negative people or things around me and I know I should just let go of it, ignore them or forget about what happened or what was said, but sometimes I find this to be really difficult.  I’m hoping that by combining both of the above (gratitude challenge & 100 days of happiness) and doing 100 days of happiness and/or gratitude, that it’ll help me to remain a bit more positive in the next few weeks and months.



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