100-days challenge – Days 26 to 50

Day 26: Glad that we live only half an hour or so from most beaches and get to go often.

Day 27: Grateful for Complimentary Passes to the House & Garden show. We were walking towards the event centre, when a stranger stopped his car and asked if we were going to the show. He gave us two tickets and drove off – he’d obviously given up on trying to find a parking!

Day 28: Grateful that I have the time to complete unfinished craft projects.

Day 29: Grateful that the man who cut my hair this morning was able to fix the botched job that the previous lady did!

Day 30:  Happiness is … a hot mug of Milo and a slice of freshly baked, homemade Banana Bread.  Mmmm.  *contented sigh*

Day 31:  Happiness is … Playing Hide n Seek with my Catty, only to have him pounce on me when I least expected it. This produced a fit of giggles from me and he turned into a scatty cat and ran around the house madly! Life wouldn’t be the same without him. 🐱

Day 32: Happiness is … Homemade pizza. It’s so therapeutic kneading dough and the end result is always worth the effort! Yum!

Day 33: Grateful for the helpful advice given to us by the knowledgable sales lady in the furniture store today … without her guidance, we would have ordered a table design that had the possibility of splitting or cracking in a year or two’s time!

Day 34: Grateful for the Roast Shop in our neighbourhood … Delicious roast pork for dinner and I didn’t have to cook!

Day 35: Grateful for modern technology … without it I wouldn’t be able to “chat” with friends on the other side of the world.

Day 36: Grateful for the wonderful weather that we’ve been having.

Day 37: Happiness is … the snooze button on my alarm. The extra 10 minutes was a nice treat this morning.

Day 38: Grateful for good customer service. Our complaint / issue was resolved promptly.

Day 39: Grateful that I’m healthy.

Day 40: Happiness is … sundowners on the deck with my hubby.

Day 41:  Happiness is … a new magazine and a cup of good coffee!

Day 42:  Grateful for 20 minutes of quiet time, so that I could meditate – it calms the mind and soothes frayed nerves.

Day 43:  Grateful for those peaceful few minutes right before I fall asleep … the house is silent and I can relax while listening to the crickets.

Day 44:  Happiness is … acting like a tourist and buying souvenirs.

Day 45:  Grateful that I got to see the town of Russell and a small section of the Bay of Islands.

Day 46:  Happiness is … a long, peaceful walk on the beach with my hubby.

Day 47:  Grateful that I got to see Cape Reinga (tip of the North Island) and the spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea.

Day 48: Happiness is … a long, solitary walk on the beach and finding 5 unbroken sand dollar shells.

Day 49: Grateful that I was able to see the giant Kauri tree, Tane Mahuta. What an awesome sight!

Day 50: Grateful for “me” time … A few hours of peaceful, quiet time to do whatever I feel like.


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