100-days challenge: Days 51 to 75

Day 51: Grateful for a quiet evening at home, a glass of wine and an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Day 52: Happiness is … homemade Foccacia for lunch (Italian herb, tomato & feta)

Day 53: Grateful for all the rain we’ve been having, the garden needs it!

Day 54:  Happiness is … a warm, toasted Hot Cross Bun and a cup of  Irish Cream flavoured coffee!

Day 55:  Happiness is … a quiet moment, curled up on the couch with my book.

Day 56:  Grateful for a nice hot shower after a walk in the chilly evening air.

Day 57:  Grateful for an hour of “me time” to give myself a pedicure!

Day 58:  Happiness is …  a good night’s sleep!

Day 59:  Grateful that I got to go for my morning walk before the rain settled in.

Day 60: (ANZAC day) My thoughts are with families who lost loved ones during the First and Second World Wars. Even though my grandparents are not from New Zealand or Australia, I am grateful that they survived the war/s and that I was able to get to know them. Many families all over the world lost loved ones and children grew up without ever knowing or remembering their fathers or grandfathers.

Day 61:  Grateful for dinner at the Riverhead Historic Tavern.

Day 62:  Grateful for a day sightseeing around Waiheke.

Day 63:  Happiness is … sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and my book, while sharing the little sunny spot with my Catty.

Day 64:  Grateful for my sewing machine.

Day 65:  Grateful for warm socks and a hot mug of milk with honey & cinnamon on a chilly evening!

Day 66:  Grateful for e-mails from friends far away.

Day 67:  Happiness is … free product samples.

Day 68:  Happiness is … Slow roasted butterfly chicken for dinner.

Day 69:  Grateful that I got to meet some ‘new’ extended family members.

Day 70:  Happiness is … a girly afternoon with my Mom-in-Law.

Day 71:  Grateful for a tasty lunch while out sightseeing.

Day 72:  Grateful for a clean home and a clean car!

Day 73:  Grateful for a quiet day at home to catch up on e-mails to friends.

Day 74:  Happiness is … a hot bubble bath and an oil cleanse “facial”.  I haven’t done that in weeks and missed it!

Day 75:  Grateful for a quiet morning and being able to sleep in late, followed by breakfast, a cup of coffee and a few chapters of my book.  A nice, relaxing start to the weekend!


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