100-days challenge: Days 76 to 100

Day 76:  Grateful that we were able to find squash courts nearby.  I really enjoyed this morning’s game.

Day 77:  Happiness is … sending e-mails to family and friends back ‘home’.

Day 78:  Grateful for home-cooked comfort food.

Day 79:  Happiness is … the sound of a thunderstorm!

Day 80:  Grateful for the afternoon walk and chat with my neighbour.

Day 81:  Happiness is … an animated movie and popcorn.

Day 82:  Grateful for friendly shop assistants.

Day 83:  Happiness is … Sundowners and a bbq’d chicken with roast potatoes.

Day 84:  Happiness is … tea and home baked banana muffins.

Day 85:  Grateful for leftovers, yummy chicken mayo sandwiches for lunch.

Day 86:  Grateful for all the rain we had today.

Day 87:  Grateful for the quick car service and that I didn’t have to sit around for hours waiting.

Day 88:  Grateful for my sewing machine.

Day 89:  Grateful for my health!

Day 90:  Happiness is … time spent with my husband.

Day 91:  Grateful for coffee and a chat with a friend.

Day 92:  Grateful for homemade comfort food … hot beef stew on a cold, wintery evening.

Day 93:  Grateful for a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine, even if it is still a little chilly (we had frost this morning!).

Day 94:  Grateful for warm blankets, hot water and comfort food.  These are things that we often take for granted, things that others less fortunate than us may not have in winter.

Day 95:  Happiness is … homemade pizza on a Friday night!

Day 96:  Happiness is … a walk on the beach.

Day 97:  Grateful for lunch on the deck (in the sunshine) with my husband.

Day 98:  Happiness is … a book, warm duvet and hot cup of coffee on a cold, rainy day.

Day 99:  Grateful for a warmer day today and happy to see the sun!

Day 100:  Grateful that I have a wonderful, loving husband who has supported and stood by me through many of life’s ups and downs in the past 11 years.  I’m grateful for the love and support (and numerous hugs) during the difficult times and am grateful that we are able to share and experience the good times together.  Today we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary …



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