100-days challenge: Days 76 to 100

Day 76:  Grateful that we were able to find squash courts nearby.  I really enjoyed this morning’s game.

Day 77:  Happiness is … sending e-mails to family and friends back ‘home’.

Day 78:  Grateful for home-cooked comfort food.

Day 79:  Happiness is … the sound of a thunderstorm!

Day 80:  Grateful for the afternoon walk and chat with my neighbour.

Day 81:  Happiness is … an animated movie and popcorn.

Day 82:  Grateful for friendly shop assistants.

Day 83:  Happiness is … Sundowners and a bbq’d chicken with roast potatoes.

Day 84:  Happiness is … tea and home baked banana muffins.

Day 85:  Grateful for leftovers, yummy chicken mayo sandwiches for lunch.

Day 86:  Grateful for all the rain we had today.

Day 87:  Grateful for the quick car service and that I didn’t have to sit around for hours waiting.

Day 88:  Grateful for my sewing machine.

Day 89:  Grateful for my health!

Day 90:  Happiness is … time spent with my husband.

Day 91:  Grateful for coffee and a chat with a friend.

Day 92:  Grateful for homemade comfort food … hot beef stew on a cold, wintery evening.

Day 93:  Grateful for a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine, even if it is still a little chilly (we had frost this morning!).

Day 94:  Grateful for warm blankets, hot water and comfort food.  These are things that we often take for granted, things that others less fortunate than us may not have in winter.

Day 95:  Happiness is … homemade pizza on a Friday night!

Day 96:  Happiness is … a walk on the beach.

Day 97:  Grateful for lunch on the deck (in the sunshine) with my husband.

Day 98:  Happiness is … a book, warm duvet and hot cup of coffee on a cold, rainy day.

Day 99:  Grateful for a warmer day today and happy to see the sun!

Day 100:  Grateful that I have a wonderful, loving husband who has supported and stood by me through many of life’s ups and downs in the past 11 years.  I’m grateful for the love and support (and numerous hugs) during the difficult times and am grateful that we are able to share and experience the good times together.  Today we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary …



100-days challenge: Days 51 to 75

Day 51: Grateful for a quiet evening at home, a glass of wine and an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Day 52: Happiness is … homemade Foccacia for lunch (Italian herb, tomato & feta)

Day 53: Grateful for all the rain we’ve been having, the garden needs it!

Day 54:  Happiness is … a warm, toasted Hot Cross Bun and a cup of  Irish Cream flavoured coffee!

Day 55:  Happiness is … a quiet moment, curled up on the couch with my book.

Day 56:  Grateful for a nice hot shower after a walk in the chilly evening air.

Day 57:  Grateful for an hour of “me time” to give myself a pedicure!

Day 58:  Happiness is …  a good night’s sleep!

Day 59:  Grateful that I got to go for my morning walk before the rain settled in.

Day 60: (ANZAC day) My thoughts are with families who lost loved ones during the First and Second World Wars. Even though my grandparents are not from New Zealand or Australia, I am grateful that they survived the war/s and that I was able to get to know them. Many families all over the world lost loved ones and children grew up without ever knowing or remembering their fathers or grandfathers.

Day 61:  Grateful for dinner at the Riverhead Historic Tavern.

Day 62:  Grateful for a day sightseeing around Waiheke.

Day 63:  Happiness is … sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and my book, while sharing the little sunny spot with my Catty.

Day 64:  Grateful for my sewing machine.

Day 65:  Grateful for warm socks and a hot mug of milk with honey & cinnamon on a chilly evening!

Day 66:  Grateful for e-mails from friends far away.

Day 67:  Happiness is … free product samples.

Day 68:  Happiness is … Slow roasted butterfly chicken for dinner.

Day 69:  Grateful that I got to meet some ‘new’ extended family members.

Day 70:  Happiness is … a girly afternoon with my Mom-in-Law.

Day 71:  Grateful for a tasty lunch while out sightseeing.

Day 72:  Grateful for a clean home and a clean car!

Day 73:  Grateful for a quiet day at home to catch up on e-mails to friends.

Day 74:  Happiness is … a hot bubble bath and an oil cleanse “facial”.  I haven’t done that in weeks and missed it!

Day 75:  Grateful for a quiet morning and being able to sleep in late, followed by breakfast, a cup of coffee and a few chapters of my book.  A nice, relaxing start to the weekend!

100-days challenge – Days 26 to 50

Day 26: Glad that we live only half an hour or so from most beaches and get to go often.

Day 27: Grateful for Complimentary Passes to the House & Garden show. We were walking towards the event centre, when a stranger stopped his car and asked if we were going to the show. He gave us two tickets and drove off – he’d obviously given up on trying to find a parking!

Day 28: Grateful that I have the time to complete unfinished craft projects.

Day 29: Grateful that the man who cut my hair this morning was able to fix the botched job that the previous lady did!

Day 30:  Happiness is … a hot mug of Milo and a slice of freshly baked, homemade Banana Bread.  Mmmm.  *contented sigh*

Day 31:  Happiness is … Playing Hide n Seek with my Catty, only to have him pounce on me when I least expected it. This produced a fit of giggles from me and he turned into a scatty cat and ran around the house madly! Life wouldn’t be the same without him. 🐱

Day 32: Happiness is … Homemade pizza. It’s so therapeutic kneading dough and the end result is always worth the effort! Yum!

Day 33: Grateful for the helpful advice given to us by the knowledgable sales lady in the furniture store today … without her guidance, we would have ordered a table design that had the possibility of splitting or cracking in a year or two’s time!

Day 34: Grateful for the Roast Shop in our neighbourhood … Delicious roast pork for dinner and I didn’t have to cook!

Day 35: Grateful for modern technology … without it I wouldn’t be able to “chat” with friends on the other side of the world.

Day 36: Grateful for the wonderful weather that we’ve been having.

Day 37: Happiness is … the snooze button on my alarm. The extra 10 minutes was a nice treat this morning.

Day 38: Grateful for good customer service. Our complaint / issue was resolved promptly.

Day 39: Grateful that I’m healthy.

Day 40: Happiness is … sundowners on the deck with my hubby.

Day 41:  Happiness is … a new magazine and a cup of good coffee!

Day 42:  Grateful for 20 minutes of quiet time, so that I could meditate – it calms the mind and soothes frayed nerves.

Day 43:  Grateful for those peaceful few minutes right before I fall asleep … the house is silent and I can relax while listening to the crickets.

Day 44:  Happiness is … acting like a tourist and buying souvenirs.

Day 45:  Grateful that I got to see the town of Russell and a small section of the Bay of Islands.

Day 46:  Happiness is … a long, peaceful walk on the beach with my hubby.

Day 47:  Grateful that I got to see Cape Reinga (tip of the North Island) and the spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea.

Day 48: Happiness is … a long, solitary walk on the beach and finding 5 unbroken sand dollar shells.

Day 49: Grateful that I was able to see the giant Kauri tree, Tane Mahuta. What an awesome sight!

Day 50: Grateful for “me” time … A few hours of peaceful, quiet time to do whatever I feel like.

100-days challenge – Days 1 to 25

25 February 2014 – The start of my 100 days of gratitude / happiness challenge … 

Day 1:  My morning walk along the coastal path.  It’s so peaceful and relaxing listening the the birds.

Day 2:  Even though I don’t have kids of my own, the funny things that kids say is always guaranteed to produce a smile.  It may be something overheard in the supermarket, an ad on TV or an e-mail doing the rounds.   This is an ad I saw toady about what to do in the event of an earthquake … I just love the part about earthquakes causing salami’s (instead of tsunami’s).   It makes me smile each time I see it – just love the innocence and wild imaginations!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrUpc9qFvWA

Day 3:  Grateful for home-cooked comfort food. A tasty meal and a full tummy really can make you feel better!

Day 4: My FurKid. I’m really grateful that I was able to bring him with me when we moved. Many people are not this lucky and have to give their pets away when they emigrate.

Day 5: Happiness is … A hot shower after a bad day.

Day 6: Grateful that I didn’t break any bones or sprain any joints. After what could have been a very nasty fall, I walked away with 8 bruises and a very stiff body. I feel extremely lucky … it could have been a lot worse!

Day 7: Painkillers and a hot bath to ease sore muscles. I haven’t appreciated a long soak in the tub this much in a long time.

Day 8: Grateful for the make-up training I did in SA (both courses) and the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years since then. It really makes me appreciate what I know when I’m forced to sit and listen to an unqualified person spouting utter rubbish, while they believe that every word they’re saying is true!

Day 9: Grateful for the wonderful staff and nurses at the nearby A&E. No matter how busy they are, they always greet you with a friendly smile and are extremely helpful!

Day 10: Happiness is … A surprise mail delivery. I entered a competition and ended up winning a lipstick! My prize was delivered this morning.

Day 11: Grateful for my little garden. It may be small, but gives me great pleasure and I haven’t bought cherry tomatoes in weeks!

Day 12: Happiness is … Long walks on the beach with my husband.

Day 13: Lazy Sunday afternoons – curled up on the couch with my husband, a cup of coffee and a good book.

Day 14: Grateful for a handful of true friends in my life. Even though they’re far away, they still make the effort to answer my e-mails and keep in contact. I miss seeing you guys!

Day 15: Grateful for my car and that I am able to drive and don’t have to rely on others for lifts, etc.

Day 16: Early morning cuddles from my Catty … I know winter is coming when he starts sleeping on the bed!

Day 17: Watching the sun rise. It’s so peaceful at that time of morning and always reminds me of my wedding day … I woke up early that morning and with all the wedding nerves couldn’t go back to sleep, so I grabbed a cup of camomile tea and watched the sun rise over the sea! It’s a wonderful memory that will stay with me forever!

Day 18: Grateful for technology. The “chat” I had today with a good friend of mine would not have been possible without it. We may be half a world apart and haven’t seen each other for years, but the friendship feels as strong as ever, if not stronger!

Day 19: Grateful that we’re warm and dry, while Cyclone Lusi passes by.

Day 20: Happiness is … Beachcombing after a storm! I found some beautiful (whole) sand dollar shells.

Day 21: Grateful that we had no damage after Cyclone Lusi, only a messy garden full of leaves!

Day 22: Grateful for my little garden. There’s nothing like having fresh rosemary, thyme or mint whenever I need it!

Day 23: Grateful that I have many hobbies that I can “lose myself” in … it’s a great, productive way for my mind to escape from unpleasant or stressful things that I’d rather not think about or deal with right now. Almost like a type of meditation.

Day 24: Happiness is … Playtime with my Catty. He’s such a playful cat and watching him reminds me that joy can be found in the simplest things!

Day 25: Grateful for another day. I think most of us take it for granted that we just happen to wake up each morning, without giving it much thought.

100-days Challenge

100-days Challenge

A few years ago, Oprah began a craze by getting her fans to keep gratitude journals (I never watched Oprah, but heard about this in the office).  Then there was the Gratitude Challenge – a 21-day online version of a gratitude journal that encourages people to “take note of the brighter side of life”.   Now it seems like #100happydays is the latest thing popping up in social media.  This one is a 100-day challenge where you make note of one thing that made you happy that day.

It’s been suggested to me before, by a close friend, that I try keeping a gratitude journal as a means of becoming a more positive person and trying to have a brighter outlook on life.  Up until now, I have never actually given this much thought, but after seeing what positive thinking did during our emigration process, there’s really no harm in trying.

I’m often affected by negative people or things around me and I know I should just let go of it, ignore them or forget about what happened or what was said, but sometimes I find this to be really difficult.  I’m hoping that by combining both of the above (gratitude challenge & 100 days of happiness) and doing 100 days of happiness and/or gratitude, that it’ll help me to remain a bit more positive in the next few weeks and months.